A Most Unusual T Party

“A Most Unusual T Party” is the name of a podcast hosted by my colleague in Canada, Teresa Abram. She invited me on the show and we talked about all sorts of things. I hope you enjoy it.

In other news…

Last night, I sent my publisher the manuscript for my next Claudia Rose book. In DEAD LETTERS. Claudia’s eighteen-year-old niece, Monica, goes missing from an archaeological excavation in Egypt. When Monica’s father is prevented from going to look for her, guess who takes his place. Our intrepid handwriting expert meets up with trouble as she travels the globe in search of the girl.

There’s no release date yet for the book, but it will probably be in the next couple of months. With the ongoing quarantine, who knows whether I’ll be able to host an in-person launch party. But maybe. Last year, I held one for Proof of Life at Orozco’s Mexican Restaurant in Ventura. They have been serving dinner on their beautiful patio, so, it remains to be seen. Failing that, and/or in addition, I’ll certainly do some online events.

And that’s not all…

Anna Crowe, the fabulous voice of most of the Claudia Rose audiobooks has done it again. WRITTEN IN BLOOD is in the pipeline for release, hopefully, this month. I will have a bunch of free codes to give away if you’d like to listen to the book. You may have read it in the past, but listening is a different experience.

Listen to chapter one here.

If you are not yet on my notification list and would like to be, send me an email: sheila@sheilalowe.com

Stay well in these crazy times.


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