About Sheila Lowe

Long before her first book was published, bestselling author Sheila Lowe was a handwriting analyst. Her study of handwriting and personality began in high school. Later, she branched into forensics. A certified forensic document examiner, she testifies in court cases. Upon returning to school, she earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Psychology.

Sheila’s first two books were non-fiction. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis (2000) and Handwriting of the Famous & Infamous (2001). Her first mystery, Poison Pen, debuted in (2007). A starred review in Publishers Weekly kicked off the Forensic Handwriting suspense series: Written in Blood (2008), Dead Write (2009), Last Writes (2010), What She Saw (2013), Inkslingers Ball (2014), Outside the Lines (2016), Written Off (2018), Proof of Life (2019). The books have all been #1 Amazon bestsellers.

Sheila has written other nonfiction books about handwriting and behavior. Reading Between the Lines (2018), Advanced Studies in Handwriting Psychology (2018), Personality & Anxiety Disorders, (2018), and Succeeding in the Business of Handwriting Analysis (2019). She helped produce Handwriting Analyzer software that is used in law enforcement, governments, and business.

In 2021, Sheila took back her publishing rights and established the Write Choice Ink imprint to publish her own works. Since 1989, her business name has been Sheila Lowe & Associates, the Write Choice! so the name was a no-brainer.

Besides writing, Sheila teaches handwriting analysis to students around the world. She lives in Ventura, California.