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Advanced Studies in Handwriting Psychology

advanced studiesIf you have read Reading Between the Lines: decoding handwriting and want to know what’s next.

Advanced Studies in Handwriting Psychology is Volume 2, a compilation of seven monographs. This is a result of my 50 years of study and practice in handwriting examination, and covers a wide range of topics, written so even a novice can understand the application to handwriting. Samples of real people in the situations that are described make the book particularly useful to graphologists and individuals alike.

  • Childhood sexual abuse seen in the handwriting of adults
  • The Addictive Personality and its Handwriting
  • Coping and Defense Mechanisms
  • Beneath it All: the Lower Zone and the Subconscious
  • Motivations and Handwriting – What makes you tick?
  • How to Find Personality Traits in Handwriting with the Gestalt Method
  • Serial Killers – the Face of Evil

And we’re not finished yet. After Advanced Studies in Handwriting Psychology, the next book, Personality & Anxiety Disorders, how they may be seen in handwriting, is helpful for therapists as well as handwriting analysts. Based on a series of lectures that I co-authored with a forensic psychologist/graphologist, there is no other book currently available that is comparable.

What readers say about Advanced Studies

  • An excellent book if you want to explore graphology from psychological point of view. Shaike L. (Israel)
  • The book is Professionally well written, accurate and a great resource for anyone in the field of Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, Nursing, and other helping professions. Mary O.
  • A “must have” for every graphologist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Counselor! “The Viking”


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