Analyzing handwriting for Adobe

Analyzing handwriting for Adobe. Imagine the fun of getting to do what you love and having your best friend along for company. Linda Larson, who is a colleague as well as a friend, said yes when the software company, Adobe, asked her and me to work at some of their huge conventions. The idea was to use handwriting analysis to promote their Adobe Sign product.

Sheila Lowe and Linda Larson with Adobe employees, Peter and Kira

The company sent us to San Francisco for Adobe conventions a couple of times, and to San Diego, where we analyzed the handwriting of people who wanted to try the app. Visitors to the booth would write and sign their name on an iPad, then Linda or I would tell them what their handwriting revealed about their personality. Interestingly, they didn’t like their writing as it appeared on the screen, and preferred writing on paper, which we provided.

Hotel Zeppelin, San Francisco

In San Francisco, more than 80,000 people attended the event during the week. Adobe put us up in the Zeppelin Hotel, a boutique hotel that charged over $600/night! For any Led Zeppelin fans, here’s the bathroom wallpaper. The ceiling light projected the Peace sign.

We walked to the Convention Center each day and got lost several times. When we got to the booth, people were always lining up to have their handwriting analyzed.

We also worked at the offices of their client, Apptus, analyzing  their employees.

During that gig, I took time out to be interviewed on a local TV news show about the presidential candidates. That was fun.

We’ve been doing these big conventions for many years. Without exception, we bring hundreds of visitors to the booth. Most of the time, the companies who can afford to hire us are in the medical field.

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