Beyond the Veil

Proof of Life

What She Saw

Watch for a May 7th release of my new book, Proof of Life. The prequel, What She Saw, was published five years ago. Together, they introduce the new Beyond the Veil mysteries, which is paranormal mystery-suspense with a dash of romance.

In What She Saw, a young woman wakes up on a train with amnesia. Proof takes up her story five years later, when we learn she has been hearing voices. She’s not crazy; what she’s hearing comes from the world of spirit.

The Afterlife

My interest in the afterlife began when my daughter was the victim in a terrible murder-suicide in 2000 and I felt compelled to find out what happens when we “die.” I learned from my research that there is no death. Our loved ones continue to be involved in our lives on earth, and they want us to know they are okay. So, when a spirit comes across someone with the ability to pass along messages to those of us still in human form, they tend to glom onto that person and bombard them with requests (until otherwise instructed).

That’s what happens to Jessica Mack in Proof of Life. For five years she has ignored the voices from beyond the veil. Now, called on to help find a missing child, she can no longer ignore them.

Central characters tend to take on lives of their own, and Sage Boles wanted in, too. We met this man with a mysterious past in Written Off, the seventh Claudia Rose Forensic Handwriting mystery. in Proof of life, Sage and Jessica team up, turning to the spirits for help in finding four-year-old Ethan.

Ballona Wetlands

One of the locations in the book is the Ballona Wetlands, near where Claudia lives in “Playa de la Reina,” where Jessica is drawn in her search for Ethan.

If you plan to be in Ventura on May 7th, you are invited to my book launch party. Sign up here for notification. Or RSVP on Facebook.

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