Explosive drama erupts when the life of a teen with a tortured past is jeopardized by her secret tattoo. Claudia Rose joins forces with Detective Joel Jovanic when the same tattoo is linked to several other cases.

Time is running out for a missing 3-year-old in a religious cult. Handwriting expert Claudia Rose, one of the few outsiders to be invited inside the Temple of Brighter Light, must hurry to uncover their secrets before a terrifying prophecy is fulfilled.

Dating habits of the rich and feckless—Claudia Rose meets Baroness Grusha Olinetsky who runs an expensive dating club where members are dying to get in.

When forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose is called to investigate a forgery case, she grows attached to a troubled teen and breaks one of the cardinal rules of business: never get personally involved.

To handwriting expert Claudia Rose, powerful Hollywood agent Lindsey Alexander was a ruthless, backstabbing manipulator, but did she actually write the suicide note found by her body? “A dynamite debut” (Starred review – Publisher’s Weekly)

Biz Book CoverSucceeding in the Business of Handwriting Analysis comes from fifty years’ experience and practice. My latest non-fiction book doesn’t promise to make you a millionaire, but it covers a lot of ground. Wide-ranging topics include the following:

  • The kind of education you need to become a competent handwriting professional
  • Terminology you should and should not use
  • How to prepare legally sound reports
  • Your professional image
  • Marketing your practice
  • Legal aspects of analyzing handwriting
  • Relationship compatibility
  • Employment profiling
        • and much more.


Publisher: Write Choice Ink
Available in: Paperback, PDF, and Kindle
ISBN: 1072433079
Published: June 22, 2019