New Audiobook

Outside the LinesNew audiobook released!

Outside the Lines is the latest audiobook released in the Forensic Handwriting suspense series. We’ve been working backwards through the series and now, all but Poison Pen, the first book, are available through Audible. You can download this and others free with a trial membership at or email I may have a free code to give you.

Narrator Anna Crowe is a delight to work with. Her voice is like warm syrup. She takes on the challenging British accents that are an important part of this book and brought the story, and Claudia Rose, to life. This is her second narration for my series after Written Off came out earlier this year.

New Cover

Why are two different covers shown here? The fact is, after several years on the market, we thought the book could use a refresh. I conducted on my Facebook page And since much of it occurs in the UK, the Big Ben cover won. It was close, though. Here’s the other choice people voted for (it’s a mockup, so a final product would be sharper: OtL staircase

In Outside the Lines, what should have been a routine afternoon on the witness stand for forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose turns into a shocking assault that leaves her traumatized. A few weeks later, the getaway trip to the UK intended to help her recover, instead lands her in trouble with the FBI, New Scotland Yard, and her fiancé, LAPD Detective Joel Jovanic. Jovanic’s homicide case has followed Claudia to London where she finds herself unexpectedly allied with the chief suspect.

Audiobooks have become immensely popular as people spend more time in their cars. They are a wonderful way for uber-busy people to listen to a story while they’re busy doing something else. I like to listen while I’m doing eating or doing chores–makes them go faster.

Inkslingers Ball

Available in: Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook 

Inkslingers BallInkslingers Ball is book number 5 in the Forensic Handwriting suspense series.


Explosive drama erupts when the life of a teen with a tortured past is jeopardized by her secret tattoo. Handwriting expert Claudia Rose joins forces once again with Detective Joel Jovanic, who is investigating a firebombing, a young woman found dead in a dumpster, and the disappearance of an investigative journalist. The investigation heats up when Jovanic uncovers evidence that the same tattoo is linked to his cases.


Poison Pen

Poison Pen

Poison Pen

The Forensic Handwriting Psychological Suspense featuring forensic handwriting examiner Claudia Rose mirrors my own career, but I am not Claudia. She is much braver (or more foolhardy) than I am. Like me, Claudia works in two areas of handwriting examination: authentication and personality profiling.

Poison Pen is the first title in the Forensic Handwriting Psychological Suspense series, which at the end of 2020 has seven titles published. The next book, Dead Letters, is set for release mid-2021. I started writing it in 1997 and it wasn’t until ten years later that it was published, first with a small press, Capital Crime. When it got a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly, it came to the attention of a senior editor at Obsidian, an imprint of Penguin. They bought the first four books in the series before I even knew it was going to be a series! When my editor left Obsidian, I left, too. For the past ten years, my publisher has been Suspense.

To introduce new readers to the series, Poison Pen is soon going to become free. Sign up here to be notified.

Lindsey Alexander, publicist to the stars, was a ruthless, backstabbing manipulator, but when handwriting expert Claudia Rose is hired to examine her suicide note, she doesn’t find it so easy to write off, her former friend’s death. Claudia stumbles on a brutal attack on Lindsey’s business partner and ends up butting heads with LAPD Detective Joel Jovanic. He doesn’t think much of handwriting analysis, which gives Claudia something to prove.


Written In Blood

Written in Blood

Written in Blood

Written in Blood is the second title in the Forensic Handwriting psychological suspense series.

Beautiful young widow Paige Sorensen is accused by her stepchildren of forging their father’s will. When handwriting expert Claudia Rose is retained in the case, she has no clue that she will soon be embroiled in a violent family battle. As Claudia works with Paige, she develops a mentoring relationship with Annabelle Giordano, a troubled young teen at the Sorensen Academy. Using a program of graphotherapy, a method of changing personality traits, they grow close. But when a shocking disappearance puts the spotlight on Annabelle, Claudia is forced to call on every scrap of her wits and her courage to discover whether her young friend is really a brutal criminal.

Graphotherapy is a highly effective way to help change behavior because it is done from the inside out.

I dedicated this book to my daughter Jennifer, who reminded me very much of Annabelle when she was fourteen.

Praise for Written in Blood

  • Written in Blood was on the Top Ten list of the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association
  • This was the first book I’ve read in the Claudia Rose series–plan to read them all! Brenda
  • I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read more by Sheila Lowe. Ashley
  • Well written, with some nice twists and turns. David
  • Being a handwriting analysis lover and a mystery lover, this book is a perfect listen for me. I highly recommend it to all. Judy

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis

Publisher: Pearson Education

Edition: 2nd

2nd editionThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis was my very first published book. It’s now out of print, replaced by Reading Between the Lines, Decoding Handwriting, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis was, for most of its 18 years in print one of the bestsellers in this series.

When I wrote this book I hesitated because of the title. But no one else was offering me a very nice advance to write whatever I wanted. Although some people did complain about the title, that didn’t stop it from being a bestseller in the series for many years. Now that it’s out of print, I rewrote it and published it with a new name.

People ask me which book to buy. Naturally, I want to promote Reading Between the Lines, and not just because I no longer get royalties from The Idiot’s Guide(!) RBtL is updated and has many new handwriting samples. RBtL, like its predecessor, is a basic course in the gestalt method of handwriting analysis. It is also an introduction to my self-study course, which you can read about here. If you have ever thought about learning how to analyze handwriting and understand yourself and others better, please take a look.

Click here to purchase Reading Between the Lines: decoding handwriting


Handwriting of the Famous & Infamous

Famous & InfamousMy second book was Handwriting of the Famous & Infamous. After the success of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis in 2000, I was contacted by a publisher who asked me to write analyses of well-known people through history. The book has handwriting samples and my comments on historical figures, celebrities, politicians and convicted criminals. From Galileo to Princess Diana to Hitler. Politicians, musicians, serial killers and other fascinating characters. It’s a cool coffee table book, and more than that, Handwriting of the Famous & Infamous also offers tidbits about handwriting analysis.

There have been several iterations as it changed publishers, so the cover on Amazon may be different from this original one seen here.

Click on the pictures below to find handwriting samples written by Donald Trump in 1992. The third one is Princess Diana. The last is Ted Bundy, who was executed for serial murder. Trump’s handwriting hasn’t changed in 30, except his signature has become far more angular (aggressive). Princess Diana’s rounded handwriting points to an emotionally-based person who needed approval. Ted Bundy’s handwriting has some terrifying red flags for pathological behavior. See if you can guess where to find these characteristics in their handwriting.


What She Saw

Available in: Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook

What she saw is a novel of psychological suspense that follows a young woman through the terrifying labyrinth of amnesia, where no one is who or what they appear to be. Imagine if you woke up up on a train realized that you don’t know who you are or where you are going. All you know is, you cannot go to the police.

What She Saw is not part of the Forensic Handwriting Mystery series, but Claudia Rose and friends play an important role in unraveling the web of mystery. This later became the prequel for Proof of Life in the Beyond the Veil paranormal series.