DL coverA heart-pounding hunt begins when Claudia’s young niece goes missing with an archaeologist whose shady past spills into the present. The frantic search takes Claudia to Egypt, Gibraltar, and the UK, where her skills as a forensic handwriting expert of international renown are needed to help foil a deadly terrorist plot—if only she can find Monica before she becomes a casualty.

Dead Letters

Fantastic reviews from advance readers:

“Dead Letters is a delicious romp through exotic locales with relatable characters and fascinating tidbits about archeology and handwriting analysis sprinkled throughout. Lowe’s recipe for tension had me at the first paragraph, and I feasted on the twists and turns until the very last page. If you want to treat yourself to a fun read, this is it! –Saralyn Richard, award-winning author of the Detective Parrott mystery series and A Murder of Principal.”DEAD LETTERS world

“A fiery family drama unfolds in this compulsively readable mystery. DEAD LETTERS has it all—priceless stolen artifacts from an archeological dig, kidnapping, murder, handwriting analysis, and terrorism. Tension mounts as Lowe holds readers captive with her latest international adrenaline rush.” — Laurie Buchanan, author of the Sean McPherson mystery, Indelible.”

Who is Monica Bennett?

If you are familiar with my Forensic Handwriting series, you’ll know that Monica is Claudia Rose’s teenage niece. She’s the innocent foil to her friend Annabelle’ darker personality–Snow White and Rose Red, as Claudia calls them. In Dead Letters, Monica gets her turn at the forefront when she goes on an archeological dig and disappears.

Monica’s dad, Pete, has his own big problem when he’s arrested for a crime he did not commit. That means he can’t go to Egypt to rescue his baby girl, so of course, Claudia must go in his stead.

Friends and family know what to give me for birthdays and Christmas, and I haunt the new age shops and eBay for statuettes and copies of other artifacts. I admit it, I’m an Egypt junkie. The photo below shows two shelves in my living room–not the entire collection, mind you.Egypt shelf

I’ve never been to Egypt but this handsome dude, my younger son, Ben, (aka “Stoli” the rock star), has performed in Cairo. Doesn’t he look like a pharaoh? I’m not as brave as Claudia, traveling to

the middle east in these difficult times. But between Ben, my editor, Ellen Larson, who used to live there, and several other friends who are intimately acquainted with this amazing country, plus my own driving need to do it justice, I believe I can make Dead Letters work.