Personality & Anxiety Disorders

Personality-Anxiety-DisordersPersonality & Anxiety Disorders, how they may be reflected in handwriting, and other important topics.

Personality and Anxiety Disorders is based on a series of articles and a course for handwriting analysts and psychologists. The reader will learn about personality disorders as described in the DSM and how those behaviors appear in handwriting.

The material in this volume is based on articles and a series of talks presented to members of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation by the late Israeli psychologist/graphologist, Dr. Ze’ev Bar-Av. I had co-presented papers with him at several handwriting analysis conferences, and when he asked me to help him with the lecture series, I accepted with pleasure. I provided most of the demonstrative handwriting samples and edited the material. After Dr. Bar-Av’s untimely death, I compiled and further edited this important material to preserve and make it available for handwriting professionals.

What readers are saying about Personality & Anxiety Disorders

  •  While most of the books of this kind only touches the surface of human psychology, Sheila Lowe goes much deeper and explains how the human psyche is directly connected to the person’s style of graphic expressions. Satori Girl
  • a treasure-trove of valuable tips and methods of determining everything from Fear and Stress to Schizophrenia. Patricia L.
  • Sheila is expert at teaching why these fields are so complimentary and understandable. Jane Y.


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