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Reviews are vital to the success of a mystery-suspense author. Besides, I deeply care what my readers think of my books and read all reviews, good or bad. Most of them make me glow. The other kind either complain about profanity or a formatting problem. In the first case, well, I don’t pretend to write cozies, and that’s how modern people speak. In the second, formatting is between the publisher and Amazon. No fair penalizing an author for something beyond their control.

Reader comments

  • I woke up in the night worrying about how Claudia was doing so I guess that’s a testimony on the quality of your work. – Rick
  • You really know how to write an emotional thriller. With all the feeling you put into it, I can imagine you felt quite drained at the end of each scene. – Molly
  • I started reading Inkslingers Ball yesterday afternoon. WOW! I can’t wait to read more. – Michelle
  • I’m working my way through the Claudia Rose series and so far every book deserved five stars. – Ann
  • This fast-paced tale will keep you glued to the pages ’til the exciting end. – James.
  • I couldn’t put it down & finished it last night, really liking how it unfolded. – Cindy
  • I found the story to be so suspenseful and it really kept me going. You did such a wonderful job with the forensic part. – Gayna
  • Sheila Lowe is a friend who can write one mean story. If you’re not already reading her you should slap yourself in the forehead. Then go get your hands on her books!” – (fellow author) Peg Brantley
  • One of the best mystery books I’ve ever read. – Diane
  • I was not disappointed! An afternoon well spent! – Andrea
  • I stayed up all night reading your book. I was enthralled. My only regret is that I’m so sleepy I may not finish the review until tomorrow. – Larry
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