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I thought it would be fun to make a little video to show off all of my books, so here it is. And if you would like to visit my Author page on Amazon Central, click here.

Written In Blood

Written in Blood

Written in Blood

Written in Blood is the second title in the Forensic Handwriting psychological suspense series.

Beautiful young widow Paige Sorensen is accused by her stepchildren of forging their father’s will. When handwriting expert Claudia Rose is retained in the case, she has no clue that she will soon be embroiled in a violent family battle. As Claudia works with Paige, she develops a mentoring relationship with Annabelle Giordano, a troubled young teen at the Sorensen Academy. Using a program of graphotherapy, a method of changing personality traits, they grow close. But when a shocking disappearance puts the spotlight on Annabelle, Claudia is forced to call on every scrap of her wits and her courage to discover whether her young friend is really a brutal criminal.

Graphotherapy is a highly effective way to help change behavior because it is done from the inside out.

I dedicated this book to my daughter Jennifer, who reminded me very much of Annabelle when she was fourteen.

Praise for Written in Blood

  • Written in Blood was on the Top Ten list of the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association
  • This was the first book I’ve read in the Claudia Rose series–plan to read them all! Brenda
  • I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read more by Sheila Lowe. Ashley
  • Well written, with some nice twists and turns. David
  • Being a handwriting analysis lover and a mystery lover, this book is a perfect listen for me. I highly recommend it to all. Judy