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When Professor Madeleine Maynard is brutally murdered, handwriting expert Claudia Rose journeys to Maine to retrieve her manuscript about the life of convicted female serial killer, Roxanne Becker. While there, Claudia uncovers a shocking secret about a group of grad students dubbed “Maynard’s Maniacs” who were selected for a special project. Was Madeleine conducting research that was at best, unprofessional—and at worst, downright harmful, and potentially dangerous? Could that research have turned deadly?

Claudia finds herself swept up in the mystery of Madeleine’s life and death, soon realizing that Madeleine left behind more questions than answers, and no shortage of suspects. Her academic success and personal fortune made her the envy of fellow faculty members. The University where she worked anticipates being the beneficiary of Madeline’s estate. But that seems in question when a stranger claiming to be Madeleine’s nephew turns up brandishing a new will.